WEEK 1: Day 2-5 – The Personal Challenge

We woke up in the morning and were assigned our activities. We were told that we had to kayak and build a raft up in the reservoir in Tunbridge Wells, camp for the night; cooking dinner outside, then hike 15 miles back to the camp site!!

I personally would have never ever put myself in a situation where my life was in the hands of someone I’d meet a few days ago! But I did, we all did! And we learnt and developed as a team!

Ward girls won the raft building as we were the only team that was able to paddle all the way there and back (without capsizing or falling apart)!

Our team working skills were exceptional and the whole team excelling in every activity!

The hike was an amazing opportunity for us to learn more about each other and really learn each others strengths and weaknesses.

We had to hike 15 miles in 8 hours and we smashed it, completing it in 6 hours! Because we are Team Ward!

When we had got back to Bowles, everyone was so relieved and proud of their accomplishments.

On Thursday, the final personal challenge included; rock climb, heights and increase personal strength.

You may think that rock climbing is not that difficult, however we had to do it blind folded.. yes, BLIND FOLDED! Most of the team was able to do this and overcome their phobia’s.

So in terms of the last few days NCS has been an scary but extremely beneficial experience. The strength and courage that we gained from NCS cannot be replaced by anything! And everyone is honestly stronger because of it!

Can’t wait for week 2!



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