WEEK 2: University Accomodation = Independence!

               We stayed at Greenwich University, Avery Hill Campus in our groups but separated by gender. We had our own rooms (en suite) but shared a kitchen. This meant that we had to cook together, clean up, meet targets, and work together effectively.

We were tested with our time keeping skills, organisation, communication, team work and encouragement.

We had professional session based on enterprise lead by a woman called Tinu. She helped us to understand the bases of good business which includes, branding and the mission statement. This helped us with our campaign preparation in week 3.

We also had a trip to Bromley care home and we were able to create quizzes to entertain and engage the residents. They thoroughly enjoyed it and we present them with some gift after wards!

What I learnt was that the elderly people are actually extremely interesting people to talk to and that they need the support of the community to volunteer and keep them company!

This ended up being the foundation of our campaign for week 3.


At the end of the week I decided to take selfies with loads of the friends I’d made. So here they are;


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