This week was about making our campaigns! It was about making a mark and an impact in our local communities! We decided to go along with the idea of breaking down stereotypes to do with the elderly and shedding a positive light on care homes in the local community!

We started off by going to a different care home in Bromley called the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution. We asked a woman called Sue some questions about the care home and then we had a tour of the residential home.

From the visit, we decided that we wanted to fundraise for a tea party for the elderly and their family to entertain them and break down the communication barriers that are fuelled by our lack of social interaction with them.

We also went out into the public and did multiple surveys to help with our presentation to the dragons and to also help us to understand what the community believes so that we can change our campaign accordingly!

Snapchat-5438741238539438512 20150730_165933

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